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Driving Value with Messaging for Marketing

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In today’s world you have less than five seconds to get your prospect’s attention. That means you must get your prospect’s interest with relevant information. It also means you need to get them to pay attention to your insights. Both are significant issues.

You won’t get your prospect’s attention with emails that average less than 10% response rates, or social media posts that are never seen thanks to the overwhelming noise on every platform. If you don’t get their attention to have a conversation, you’ll never get the chance to share relevant information that compels them to want to learn more.

Marketing has to find a better way to get that first conversation with prospects; a conversation that continues the conversation in the most relevant way possible.

Fortunately, there's an answer. It's called text messaging. Over 97% of your buyers use messaging every single day. Over 90% of them would prefer to hear from you via message than any other form of communication. So, give them what they want!

This guide shows you exactly how to capture the attention of your buyers using the power of messaging.